How Long Does It Take Hemp To Work?

Updated: Aug 26

A question frequently asked in the CBD industry is “how long does it take CBD to work?” Well, it depends on any number of variables including age, weight and the method of delivery (perhaps the most telling factor). We decided to break down these different delivery methods to give you the best understanding possible.

It generally takes anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours for CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Some of the variables to consider include dosage, consistency and the quality of the product you’re using.

Here’s a breakdown of the most widely used CBD options. While reading through them, keep in mind that CBD is not one-size-fits-all. What’s preferred by one person may not work the same for another. It may take a little experimentation to determine what’s best for you.


The most popular delivery method of CBD is to ingest it by taking either capsules or edibles, such as gummies, foods, beverages and dietary supplements. In some cases, these products are already infused with CBD; in others, the suggested amount can be added to your favorite beverage. For example, many people have found that adding CBD to hot chocolate in the evening helps them get a better night’s sleep. Like many forms of CBD, capsules and edibles need to make their way through your digestive system, into the bloodstream and around your body.

So, what exactly are CBD capsules? They are softgels filled with hemp extract which contains naturally occurring CBD along with terpenes, flavonoids, polyphenols and sterols. They’re typically taken once a day, unless otherwise directed. It’s suggested that you start with a small amount, take note of how you feel (after about a week or two) and then decide if you want to increase your dosage. No matter what you determine, however, always follow the directions that come with your CBD.

In general, you can expect CBD capsules and edibles to take effect within an hour or two. But, as mentioned above, keep in mind that your metabolism and weight will influence the time, as well as whether you’ve recently eaten. You should also note that CBD builds up in your body over time, so consistency and committing to your daily schedule are important.

As of this writing, BioSpectrum offers both capsules and gummies if ingestion is your preferred method of delivery. The capsules come in a bottle of 30 and are 25 mgs each and the gummies are sold in a variety of everyone’s favorite flavors, including cherry, apple and peach. BioSpectrum capsules are unique in the fact that they are delayed release; meaning that the CBD bypasses most of the digestive process and results in less degradation, longer relief, and better results.


CBD can also be administered by placing a few drops of oil underneath your tongue where the mucous membranes in your mouth help it enter the bloodstream more quickly. After placing the drops under your tongue, simply rub them into the tissue with your tongue or finger for about 30 to 60 seconds. Then swallow. By doing this, the mucous membranes absorb the CBD, partially bypassing the digestive system and liver and promoting much faster entry into the bloodstream. You could feel the effects in just a few seconds.

BioSpectrum CBD offers a variety of CBD options, called oil tinctures, that can be taken sublingually. Price is dependent on the strength (in milligrams) that you are purchasing. Pet lovers will be happy to know that BioSpectrum even makes a CBD oil tincture for your dog or cat.

Nasal Spray

You’ll find that CBD nasal sprays have a lot in common with sublingual oil tinctures. Both deliver CBD to your mucosal membranes which line the mouth, nose and other parts of the body. As indicated by the name, CBD sprays target the nasal mucosa. Spraying directly into your nasal cavity administers the CBD onto the thin, blood vessel-lined nasal mucosal membrane, allowing it to absorb directly into your bloodstream. In other words, using CBD nasal spray avoids

first-pass metabolism where the concentration of CBD is dramatically reduced in the digestive system before it can be absorbed. What does this mean? Fast results! Usually within a few seconds to a few minutes. It also means you can use a much smaller spray dose to achieve the same effects as an oral product.

Of all the nasal spray options on the market, BioSpectrum’s Nasadol is one of the most popular and reputable. Available in both regular (100 mg) and extra strength (200 mg), Nasadol is what separates BioSpectrum from other CBD oil companies. Depending on the strength you choose, one spray provides one to two mg of CBD. Nasadol’s revolutionary consumption method through the nasal cavity works within 30 seconds and you get up to 100 sprays per bottle.

Nasadol contains pure CBD dissolved in coconut-derived MCT oil, flavoring and lecithin, as well as emulsifiers and the saline used in most nasal medications. Many find success by using it to: relieve panic attacks, anxiety and stress; for pain and migraine relief; to promote better sleep; and to help improve mood.


CBD roll ons are also a popular way to alleviate topical aches and pains. By applying this topical remedy directly to areas of your body that are in pain, you will be able to relieve that pain rather quickly. CBD roll ons work on both the upper and lower parts of the body and are proven to be effective on sore muscle areas. Roll ons provide one of the faster absorption methods as you can almost instantaneously feel the results after application.

By using FDA-approved pain relief ingredients - lidocaine, menthol and camphor, along with broad spectrum CBD distillate - BioSpectrum’s roll on is truly unique and effective. Unlike messy lotions and creams, the rollerball design allows you to target areas of pain and easily apply the solution anywhere on your body, while at the same time keeping your hands and clothing clean. BioSpectrum currently offers this exceptional topical solution for $29.95.

Your CBD Journey is Very Personal

You probably have gathered by now that your CBD options are pretty broad. And that no two people have exactly the same experience with the products they prefer to use. The amount and method of delivery that’s good for your friend may not be what works best for you. That’s why it’s important to be in tune with your own body and mind. And to be consistent in your use of the product, no matter which delivery method you choose. By doing so, it won’t take long to understand how CBD affects your own personal routine and determine which option is the most beneficial for you.

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