Pandemic Stress? CBD can help!

Pandemic Stress? CBD can Help You Cope If you wanted to dream up a year to cause stress, you couldn’t do better than 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic has made the past year an unprecedented disaster. And moving into 2021, it hasn't ended yet. As a result, people from all walks of life are experiencing higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression than ever before - something our brains aren’t built to easily handle, especially when we’re not sure we can control or avoid it. According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, mental health experts, police and fire officials have seen dramatic spikes in mental health emergencies as more individuals have become unemployed or are feeling the effects of isolation from quarantining. And it’s happening around the country. So, how do you cope with these unwelcome feelings and pull yourself out of the dreaded COVID-19 slump? With social interaction pretty much off the table, many are turning to a different source to calm their nerves. Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a safe and healthy way to reduce stress and anxiety as you navigate your way through the pandemic. Because CBD specializes solely in anxiety relief, it helps you improve focus and concentration, and even sleep better by decreasing the symptoms of insomnia. Best of all, there’s no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in CBD so you never need to worry about psychoactive effects or feeling high. Put simply, CBD reduces stress because of the way the cannabidiol molecules react with interceptors in the brain. Through a process known as regeneration, it stimulates the growth of new neurons. That keeps your brain stimulated and connected and, in turn, keeps your mind active. For this reason, many are turning to CBD during the crisis to help with feelings of anxiety, making it possible to manage psychological stressors and keep you in a positive place. CBD Alleviates Work-From-Home Stress All of us feel anxious from time to time for a variety of reasons - job stress, financial worries, or the typical problems we encounter every day. But, we’ve never had to stress about a pandemic and its effects, and the changes it has brought to our lives. What we’re experiencing during these uncertain times has taken us by surprise and brought along with it the ability to turn simple worries into highly emotional anxiety. The kind that can interfere with everyday living and problem solving. And, yes, the way you do your job. Even though you may have traded in your dress pants for pajama bottoms, the work still needs to get done, albeit alone in your home office or virtually with colleagues and clients via Zoom. Everything is different now, but CBD can help calm the waters. For those who have continued to work during the pandemic, work-from-home burnout has become a real thing. Staying focused can be difficult for such an extended and isolated period of time (much longer than we initially anticipated). Untreated, the resulting stress and anxiety in this type of setting can prompt physical issues like headaches and migraines, shakiness and weakness, gastrointestinal problems, muscle tension and body aches, decreased libido, lack of energy and insomnia. Psychological conditions also may crop up such as panic disorder, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and social anxiety disorder. Instead of seeking out healthy solutions, many turn to unhealthy habits such as overindulging in alcohol, cigarettes and food, all of which will only make you feel worse and could cause additional problems in the long run.

There’s no fear of this happening with CBD. It can help reduce work-related stress without any of the psychologically altering effects of THC present in marijuana. You’ll feel calmer and better able to focus without experiencing that mentally fuzzy or unclear feeling. Parents Get a Helping Hand from CBD Parents, too, are feeling the toll of the pandemic. After months of sheltering in place, caring for children and facilitating at-home e-learning (while simultaneously working from home, cooking, cleaning and maintaining the house), many parents are experiencing both physical and emotional erosion. It goes without saying that they feel overwhelmed, anxious and depressed. With so much on their plate, they also find it difficult to sleep at night, giving in to their stress and anxiety. The two go hand-in-hand. But thanks to CBD, parents are able to sleep better and wake with a clear head, allowing them to focus, be more patient with their children and feel better equipped to handle whatever another day in quarantine throws their way. Of course, CBD won’t instantly cure all their pandemic parenting woes, but many call it life changing. More Consumers are Turning to CBD for Pandemic Stress Relief Research from the Kaiser Family Foundation has indicated that more than 53 percent of adults feel their mental health and well-being has been negatively impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. As the pandemic continues, CBD use appears to be staying on trend for the management of increased stress and anxiety. Another study by Chicago-based Aclara Research, a firm that analyzes CBD consumers and works in collaboration with Nielsen Global Connect, has determined that at least 20 percent of consumers are using more CBD products as a result of COVID. The study also highlights how both current and new consumers intend to develop a proactive healthcare regimen to manage their mental health, even after the pandemic ends. Among those surveyed, the top reasons for using CBD products include: Anxiety 58 percent Pain Relief 58 percent Relaxation 48 percent Sleep 37 percent General Wellness 30 percent There’s no right or wrong way to react to psychological stress. Each of us handles it in the manner that works best for us. But for anyone, it’s hard to think clearly when your mind is under pressure, and feeling alone in times of heightened stress only makes things worse. The pandemic shows few signs of letting up any time soon. The isolation, stress, anxiety and depression will continue, at least for the foreseeable future. Clearly, the best way to get through it is to prioritize self-care, including your mental health. CBD provides a great option for accomplishing this and, along with exercising, eating healthy, maybe trying a new hobby or two and staying engaged with family and friends (while socially distanced, of course), is a safe, proven way to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression.

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