We are wholly committed to integrity and complete transparency.
That's why we send every batch for full analysis to a certified independent laboratory. You can view the analytics for your product on this page. 
To locate the professional lab analytics for your product:
1)   Find the image of your product below.
2)  Locate the batch number on the bottom of your actual product.
3)  Match that batch number with the corresponding batch number below and click it. 
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Nasadol Extra Strength
Nasadol Regular Strength
Topical Relief Roll-on
Topical Relief Roll On_front-HEMP_0.5xweb.png
Bug Bite-HEMP_0.5x.webpng.png
Bug Bite Topical Relief Roll-on
Broad Spectrum 1500mg MINT
Oil Mint 1500_front-HEMP_0.5xweb.png
Broad Spectrum Unflavored 1500mg
Oil Unflavored_front-HEMP_0.5xweb.png
Broad Spectrum 500mg MINT
Oil Mint 500_front-HEMP_0.5xweb.png
Delayed Release Capsules (Isolate) 7500mg
DRC Isolate 7500mg_front.png
FS Oil Mint 5000_front.png
Full Spectrum MINT 5000mg
Dog Treats-Steak Bites
Dog Treats_front-HEMP_0.5xweb.png
Dog Tincture
Dog Tincture_front-HEMP_0.5xweb.png
Cat Tincture
Cat Tincture_front-HEMP_0.5xweb.png
Doobie Display-HEMP_0.5xweb.png
Dog Treats Biscuits_front.png
Dog Treats-Biscuits
Apple Rings
Apple Rings 1000_front-HEMP-analytics.png
Twin Cherries 250_front-HEMP.png
Twin Cherries
Gummy Bears
Gummy Bears 1000_front-HEMP-analytics.png
Peach Rings
Peach Rings 500_front-HEMP-analytics.png
Rainbow Ribbons
Rainbow Ribbons 1000_front-HEMP-analytics.png
Sour Gummy Bears
Sour Gummy Bears 500_front-HEMP-analytics.png
Sour Gummy Worms
Sour Gummy Worms 500_front-HEMP-analytics.png
Sugar Free Bears
Sugar Free Gummy Bear 500_front-HEMP.png
Watermelon Slices
Watermelon Slices 1000_front-HEMP-analytics.png
Delta 8 Gummies 300mg
Delta-8 Gummies_front-HEMP_0.5x.png
Delta 8 3000mg
Delta 8 3000 Green_front-HEMP_0.5xweb.png
Delta 8 500mg
Delta 8 500 Blue_front-HEMP_0.5xweb.png
Delta 8 / HEMP 1:1 1500mg
1to1 Delta8_front-HEMP-analytics.png
Halloween Oil_front-HEMP.png
Limited Edition-Pumpkin Spice Tincture 3000mg
Halloween Gummies_front-HEMP.png
Limited Edition-Halloween Gummies 1000mg